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3 dancers

Duration: 40 minutes

Choreography: Nidal Abdo

Assistant choreographer: Cynthia Dariane

Scenography: Khaled Alweare

Music:  Osloob
Costumes: Rahme Alzghair

 VFX: Mohammad Hijazi

Lighting: Philippe Gladieux

Co-Producer: Agency of artists in exile

Production: Collective Nafass


My work reflects on the relationship between our bodies and the territories in which they evolve. I am interested in bodies that are exiled, de-territorialised, displaced. Our bodies are shaped by our habitus. We are rarely conscious of what drives them, and what pushes them to act a certain way. Unintentionally, we are responding to social expectations that dictate our behaviours. As children, teenager and adults, we replicate specific movements without knowing what pushes us to perform them, sometimes with discomfort, disconnect or discordance. Nevertheless, we need routines to make one with society and with others.    


The threefold dimension of my identity leaves me wondering: what kind of relationship do I have with my own body? Am I certain I ever owned myself and have I ever belonged to the right place? I was born in Yarmouk, the largest Palestinian camp in Syria, a city inside the city intended as a temporary haven. Therefore, I am longing for a land that I have never known. I am the child of a stateless father born in Syria and an Ukrainian mother, later on I was forced into exile by the war. Exile generates an intense process of dispossession. In order to be able to settle into a new place, and to be socially integrated, I have to conform to a new routine. Thus, I need to adopt new movements and to “mimic” a behaviour that puts me off


Cynthia Dariane.jpg

Cynthia Dariane

For Cynthia, dance is a life discipline and an identity. In addition to her stage performances, Cynthia obtained the French State diploma in jazz dance teaching. Strong believer of the richness of heteroclites, she also has a PhD in French Literature focusing on the relationship between literature and dance, and a Masters in dance research. Involved in choreography, theater, concerts, teaching, and conferences, Cynthia is an all-rounder who juggles between the worlds of writing, literature and dance

Katell ollier 2.jpeg

Katell Ollier

Trained at the ballet dance school since childhood, then followed a multidisciplinary professional dance formation. She came to Paris when she was 18 years old and she has been working in several companies and famous Parisian stages as "Le Paradis Latin", "Bobino", "Le Lido de Paris". She produced herself on different TV shows and Musical shows. She participated either as a dancer or an assistant choreographer on contemporary creations in France.


Nidal Abdo

Nidal started dancing at a young age at the Ballet Dance School of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus 1999, and in 2005 became a professional dancer participating with Enana Dance Theatre in different festivals and countries. To Caracalla Dance Theatre in 2010 danced there for 7 years.. He ended up in Paris, France, where he completed his diploma in Modern-jazz, at the National Institute of Dance in Paris. He founded Collective Nafass in early 2018 in France


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