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What if tomorrow

4 dancers

Duration: 20 minutes

Choreography : Nidal Abdo

Music: Trio Joubran and Osloob
Costumes: Samer Al Kurdi

Lighting: Jimmy Boury

Co-Producer: Agency of artists in exile

Production: Collective Nafass


I am always there… without being there. “There” is Syria. The country where I was born and raised, but not quite mine. Syria, the country that made me Arab culture, that instilled in me aspirations and music and offered me stage brothers. A country that, for the past 6 years, has been torn and that is like most of us, drifting away. So, I learned to forget, by immersing myself in the present. I thought I would heal. 
“Do you think the Earth gets used to spinning?” wrote Nadia Tueini, a Lebanese poet. I would add, “Do you think mankind gets used to living?”. When I decided to write “Et si demain…” (What if tomorrow…), I was surprised to learn that others were as ready as I am. More than a first creation, this piece will be a means of catharsis. It will be our way of expressing our suffering, this feeling inside that we still are not comfortable talking about because it is too intimate or too sensitive… Or, we simply cannot find the words to express it. Nidal Abdo


War leaves a deep scar onto a country, whichever country it may be. Sudden or dormant, its impact echoes, affecting trajectories, identities, integration and belonging. Why me? Why us? Why mankind?
To live “within” this flow of unanswered questions rather than “after” it, is what the Nafass collective aimed to express in its first creation entitled “Et si demain…” (What if tomorrow…). Flashbacks, denial, pain, grief, emotions: the five senses do not fool. One’s body does not lie. It expresses itself, recounts its story and lays its soul bare. The spectator discovers then a frantic race for a past that no longer exists. A beloved but condemned past, portrayed by these four Syrian-Palestinian dancers. Suddenly, the silence… as if to convey the need for intimacy. To discover oneself alone, fragile, drained… Contortions, suspense, escapes testify to the long and brutal process of abandonment and acceptance that these artists face. And what if a revival dawned on the horizon? What if tomorrow…




From Linz, Austria. With his 15-year career as a dancer and choreographer - from Damascus to Beirut and Dubai - Samer Al Kurdi collects an extensive experience in various types of folk dances and Eastern arts. He likes questionning interculturality. He graduated from Anton Bruckner University Linz - Austria where he has lived for the past 4 years.



From Trier, Germany. As a Syrian dancer and choreographer, Maher has been a member of various Arab dance companies such as Enana, Ornina Dance Theater and Caracalla ballets in Lebanon. He is currently involved in many international projects and he settled  in Trier - Germany since 2015.



Lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Alaaeddin Baker Syrian is a performer and choreographer, he has been dancing for more than 10 years. He has participated in various projects in the Middle East and internationally.

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